CH CERAMICA was born from the experience of the people involved in the company who have been trained during the last 30 years within the culture of Ceramics. Its best asset is based on this experience, the belief that specialization is the value we can provide to our clients, this offers essential elements such as: service, quality and innovative design. Our collections present traditional ceramics, adapting to the new times in the ceramic sector, bringing to life its products in the format of 33.3×33.3, in red body in its two thickness options: 11, 5mm and the traditional 8.5mm; as well as in porcelain, 33.3×33.3 format and 8.5mm thickness. All our products are made with non-slip finish in Class III.

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CH CERAMICAS nace con la experiencia de las personas que la componen, educadas durante los últimos 30 años en la cultura de la Ceramica. Con esa experiencia se basa su mejor valía, la creencia de que la especialización pasa por ser el mejor valor que podemos aportar a nuestros clientes ya que desde ahí ofrecemos elementos esenciales como son; Servicio, Calidad y Diseño innovador, nuestras colecciones presentan Ceramica tradicional adaptándonos a los nuevos tiempos en el sector Cerámico dando vida a sus productos en el formato de 33,3×33,3 tanto en Gres pasta roja en sus dos acabados espesorado de 11,5mm y tradicional de 8,5mm como en Porcelánico en ese mismo formato de 33,3×33,3 y con el espesor de 8,5mm. Todos nuestros fabricados se realizan con acabados antideslizantes en Clase III.

In order to continue caring for the well-being of our clients by providing the essential elements, at CH CERAMICAS we also manufacture the 30×60 format in porcelain with its different finishes, variants, textures and reliefs, as well as Class III with non-slip finish, which allows you to enjoy both a secure flooring and an exceptional design. Ideal for any space: terraces, garages, back yards, swimming pools, gardens, stairs, common areas, facades, etc.

Highly durable product, resistant to breakage and high loads, easy to clean and maintain, it does not get stained and offers a high antibacterial quality, since it does not retain any organic substances, in addition to being fireproof. Unalterable both over time and by atmospheric agents, maintaining its characteristics, its colors and its original finish.

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